Category Topics

OpenCN Framework

OpenCN is a motion control system (like CNC) mixing hard real time requirements with advanced path planning algorithms

SO3 Operating System

SO3 Operating System is a compact, flexible and full featured operating system devoted to be deployed on ARM boards. The github repository gives access to full source code.

IUOC - Infrastructure Universelle d'Objets Connect

This category is devoted to a new infrastructure to be built up inside the HEIG-VD premises to provide students, engineers, and all people, a new environment to experiments new ideas, to challenge the existing systems and new ones, to use as a demonstrator for visitors and potentially new partners, to develop new concepts, and still much more…

REDS - Enseignement et laboratoires

Ce forum de discussions est dédié aux échanges d’informations relatives à l’enseignement des cours Bachelor/Master et les laboratoires associés.

SOO Framework

This category is devoted to all topics relate to the Smart Object Oriented (SOO) technology.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Linux distribution & app security

Description will follow…