Birth of a new kind of infrastructure

I’m pleased to write the first topic concerning this new idea of building up a universal multi-purpose infrastructure on which different concepts, technologies, applications, etc. could be deployed within a concrete (real) environment. Anyone could deploy new applications and use existing services and/or hardware resources, combining technologies and paradigms, and trying to answer questions like “How different technologies could be integrated?”, “How secure is a technology compared to another?”, “Does collective intelligence make sense in a distributed systems?”, “How can we mutualize some hardware resources?”, “Which performance is needed to transmit this data or this application?”, etc. etc.

In a first approach, we will talk about “connected devices” which has probably more sense in french (“objets connectés”). But, we don’t want either to talk about things because it is too close to Internet-of-Things and would refer to a (more or less) well-known paradigm (which will obviously be considered in this infrastructure)

Considering the organisation of the HEIG-VD, we will start modestly at the institute level. So, REDS Institute will be the starting point. We will be working on providing a minimal set of “connected devices” in which some applications will be deployed and be usable by everyone. In a second step, we will consider a department level, hence the TIC & TIN departments. And finally, opening the infrastructure to the rest of the school.

But before all, we need a cool name that everyone could use easily and which will make you want to be interested.

As a starting point, and to brainstorm, I give the following keywords which should be deeply related to this infrastructure:

connected open shared embedded services secure universal collaborative

The category name of these discussions will then be renamed to the name of the infrastructure.

Hi Daniel,

Here is my proposal: MIDAS (Multipurpose Infrastructure Device Access with Security) :slight_smile:


Finally, the acronym IUOC (Infrastructure Universelle d’Objects Connectés) has been retained.