Intergation of Beckhoff drive and in/out slaves

Hi OpenCN followers,

We integrated support for the following EtherCAT slaves:

  • Beckhoff AX500 drive serie
  • Beckhoff EL7411 drive
  • Backhoff digital inputs (EL1xxx) / outputs slaves (EL2xxx)


Thanks for this good news!

It mean now we are able to use beckhoff EL7411 as drive for x y z and Spindle?

Do you have maybe an electrical diagram for exemple ans to know what i need as stuff for use openCN.

My idee is to upgrade my desktop cnc to be able to use openCN.

Many thanks for feedback
Best regards

please check the specifications of Beckhoff EL7411.
It’s quite small power.

Hi Erc,

Thanks for you interest in OpenCN framework.

I don’t have electrical diagram I can share with the drive. I work on existing setup provided to me as is.
But, as Raoul said, it is a low power drive, not sure it can drive the axes or the Spindle of a CN.

Have a nice day

Many thanks for feedback!

It should work i have a Small cnc with Small pitch screw.

I will check the maximum power of the drive.

I asked about an electrical diagram because i Saw you use Linear scale too, is it in closed Loop?

Best regards

We used the EL7411 drive in a robotic application (pick and place) for the actuators of the gripper. The EL7411 is a “low end” drive.

For our micro milling machine we use high end drives from Triamec.
They are dual loop and use both the linear encoder of the axis and the rotary encoder on the shaft of the motor.