Is there any documentation?

Is there any documentation for the project? User guides? Tutorials? Developer docs?

Anyting to show what the software does and let’s people read up on it to evaluate it?

Yes, there is helpful information in the Wiki on OpenCN gitlab. Additionally, you can also get some information on YouTube. We will update our wich such links very soon.

If you are interested in technical aspects of the path planning of OpenCN which has been completely reworked compared to LinuxCNC, I can recommend you the following documents :

We also have a good overview paper which we intended to present at the HPC2020 conference last year.
Unfortunately the conference was postponed due to Covid pandemia. Our paper has passed the review, and if you are interested I can send it to you by email attachment.

May I ask you if you are working in academia, industry or other ?

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Hi Roiki,

On the wiki, you can also find the Specifications document


Thanks, I’ll have a look at those.

I’m just a hobbyist who is interested in this stuff. I’ve been using linuxcnc for a few years. Recently I’ve been searching for a realtime motion controller for ROS for industrial robotics since linuxcnc has no capabilities for this.

Reading the specifications document and the wiki, does the program support only 3 axes for now? And is there an API for programmatic access for the feedopt component. I assume this is the way you’d send joint goals from a user program for the controller to execute?

OpenCN supports for the moment being only 3 axes, but we are planning to extend to 5 axes in the future.
For the moment being, it only works with a very specific hardware (high performance TRIAMEC drives with 10 kHz EtherCAT).

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I see, are you planning on opening it up for other configurations? Do you have any timetable for this?

We have a plan to test miniaturized drives from “ELMO motion control”,
Certainly less performant than Triamec drives, but maybe good enough for our micromilling machine.
The interface will be EtherCAT again.
No timetable at the moment.

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