OpenCN Monitoring Web App

Hi everyone,

I am currently doing my bachelor’s work. My work is to create a monitoring web app for OpenCN to monitor the evolution of PIN and PARAM values of the components. The PINs and PARAMs can be added to watchlists and these watchlists will be displayed in real-time on charts.

This app will also allow to use HAL’s functionalities (load a component, set pin values, …)

This is the mockup of the app. On the left, there are the HAL functionnalities, for example to load a component, import a HAL configuration, list the PINs and PARAMs and edit them, … On the middle, there are the watchlists with the PINs, PARAMs and signals that we want to see the current value in real-time. And on the right, we have the real-time charts to montior the evolution in real-time where we can start and stop the display of the data.

Dorian Gillioz