OpenCN on a Micro5 milling maching

Hi Everyone,

Some time back, Raoul posted that we started working on the adaptation of OpenCN on a 5 axis milling machine (link). I wanted to provide an update on our progress on this project.

I’m happy to share a video showcasing the advancements we’ve made so far.

In the video, you can see that the machine can be fully controlled in both Jogging (free running) mode and Machining mode. The machining is processed with RTCP mode enabled.

You may have also noticed that we are using a control board based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, rather than the standard Raspberry Pi 4. I want to emphasize that both Raspberry Pi targets are now supported.

While we have made significant progress, there are still some areas we need to work on, such as FAO, CAO, machine configuration, and tuning. These aspects need to be addressed before we can successfully produce a real piece.

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Hello JP,
Is it possible to build the OpenCN for Orange PI 5 plus target ?
Thank you

Hi Sivaraj,

Unfortunately NO, Only Raspberry PI 4 platform is supported (and x86).

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