OpenCN Release 2 is now available

We are pleased to announce the release 2 of OpenCN with the following features:

Framework :

• x86 and ARM (rpi4) HW platforms
• Xenomai AMP real time
• Linux kernel 5.4 LTS
• Stable EtherCAT Master @10 kHz with distributed clock running on a dedicated CPU core
• Externalized GUI based on Qt (Linux, Windows, Android)
• Common code source for x86 and ARM

Path Planning :

• Compressing of small G01 segments by cubic B-Splines
• G^2 continuity between all curve types
• Feedrate planning with acceleration and jerk control for 3 axes
• Detection of cusps and handling of exact stops
• Robust path planning algorithms tested with large size G code files

Do not hesitate to give a try with this new release and let us know about your experience.

We look forward to having your feedback :slight_smile:


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do you have image file to download?

We do not have pre-built binary image yet, but we will do that in a near future.
However, it is pretty simple to build the suite based on the small user guide available in the Wiki. Let us know if you encounter some troubles.