Upgrade and alignment of openCN (x86/ARM)

By end of June, we plan to publish a new release of our OpenCN framework running on x86 and ARM/Raspberry Pi 4 platform.
Originally, it was planned to upgrade to Linux 4.19 since our ARM port is based on this version. But soon, we also aim at doing a major upgrade to 5.4.42 (LTS) kernel for the SOO framework, and I’m investigating if it might be worth to upgrade OpenCN to this version too.
If you have some comments or suggestions, please welcome :slight_smile:

I like the idea that both projects stay aligned as much as possible.

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Okay, let’s then proceed this way. I think the 5.4 kernel will also bring a lot of improvements regarding Raspberry Pi 4 regarding performance and device support.

We are about to release OpenCN 2 by end of this month (beginning of July) with some fantastic improvements.
OpenCN will be running on vExpress (Qemu), x86 and Raspberry Pi 4, with a 5.4.44 (LTS) Linux kernel.
A major improvement is also the remote Graphical User Interface for all platforms. While OpenCN is running on the target machine, our nice GUI is running on a “standard” PC using TCP/IP remote connection.
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