Virtualisation VS emulation

As for the second part of my TB, I would like to use the school’s softwares using their licenses with the strong garantee that their use would be licit.

That would mean emulating or virtualising a software to garantee its use on the school’s network for example and adding a layer of security regarding the read/write permissions on the filesystem.

My first issue was to choose between the two aforementionned processes.

Emulation provides a wider range of simulation of softwares and therefore allows us to work on a wider spectrum. The matter regarding this technology is that it is asking more ressources than virtualisation.

That is the reason why I chose to go with virtualisation as I will not need to simulates some PowerPC CPU softwares but I will need to optimie perfomances in order for a student to use my TB.

Did you think about running the licensed software on servers using X forwarding or VNC ? And for easy use just mount the user home on the server using something like sshfs ?

This might require powerful servers and a good network, but it ensures that the software can only be run within the school environment.